Summer of 2015

Bozeman DJ Wedding ServiceThis Bride gave DJ Paul a break and he hit the dance floor for a couple songs!

With over 100 weddings on the calendar in the Bozeman Montana area, we simply cannot wait to get the 2015 summer Montana wedding season kicked off. At Bozeman DJ, our mentality is we are only compensated for lugging around heavy speakers because once we are setup and playing music, it’s simply the best job in the world. As you can see from the image of this post, we even let Brides DJ if they would choose to do so. At this 2013 wedding at in the pavilion tent in Big Sky, the bride played a couple songs and I hit the dance floor for a couple songs. At Bozeman DJ, we understand there are several entertainment options and we are truly grateful you have chosen us to be part of you amazing celebration. There will be a time when I am too old to carry this heavy equipment around, but till then, I will relish the opportunity to be part of the best weddings and parties in all of Montana.
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