Planning Sheets

Bozeman DJ EntertainmentMaid of Honor Speech at Kelli and Phillip's wedding at the Sacajawea in Three Forks, Montana

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Be sure to submit these forms for your Montana wedding or Party at least 10 days prior to the event. You may copy and paste specific song titles in other information section at the end of the form. We guarantee to have all song titles requested if we get the planning sheet within 10 days of the event. We do have an extensive 72,000 song library so we probably already have the majority of your requests. Please only submit these planning sheets one time and don’t start filling it out until about 21-14 days before your wedding or event. Please be thorough and budget around 30-45 minutes for the planing sheet . The more information you provide the DJ, the better job he will do delivering your vision for your Montana wedding or party.   And don’t hesitate to contact us at with questions.

Be sure to submit the wedding planning from at least 10 days before your wedding

Be sure to submit the party planning form at least 10 days before your party

Here are some great song suggestions for your party or wedding