Booking the right wedding DJ for your Montana wedding reception makes a huge difference. The right wedding DJ service can make the difference between a boring and non original wedding reception and one that your wedding guests talk about for years.

Not all Bozeman wedding DJ services are created equal. Your wedding DJ is a big part of the mood and feel of your wedding reception. You’ll want to make sure you research your options and find a wedding DJ that will work well with you and your party. This blog post should give you tools and good questions to ask while you are in the process of booking a DJ for your Montana wedding!

Know who your DJ is: you should be able to meet in person with your DJ or speak with them on the phone as many times as necessary so everyone is on the same page for the wedding reception. If a DJ company doesn’t assign you a DJ until a few weeks before you wedding, it’s probably because that person is hired yet which should raise a red flag about what kind of DJ you will be getting at your wedding reception. The following is a good list of questions you should ask before signing a contract with a Montana wedding DJ service.

– Who will my DJ be and can I meet with them in person?

– Can I submit a list of songs I want played at different parts of the evening?

– Does your company take requests?

– Can I get references on the DJ I am being assigned?

– How early will the DJ be arriving at the reception?

– What type of equipment does your company use and what happens if there is an equipment malfunction?

– How many songs does your DJ bring to each event?

– Is lighting included in the price?

– Is there a charge for overtime?

– Do your DJ’s announce cake cutting, introductions, first dances etc?

– What attire do your DJ’s arrive with?

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