With over 130 weddings in thWobblee books, I would have to say I can’t remember a summer where I have had more fun DJing weddings in Southwestern Montana than 2014 and here is the reason: organized dances. Let me clear something up, I am not a fan of cheesy dances such as YMCA, Electrics Slide and I especially detest when a DJ resorts to the Macarena to get people on the dance floor but, in the past 6 years, there have been some great group dances that keep the cheese factor to the minimum and when performed correctly, can be a lot of fun.

Perhaps my all time favorite, for reasons of simplicity, is the Cupid Shuffle. This 2007 megahit by Cupid himself uses the lyrics to tell dancers where to move their feet. So even after consuming alarming amounts of adult beverages, guests can still grasp the easy 12 step dance which includes 4 kicks at the end.

Next up would be the Cha Cha Slide. This 124 beats per minute song is a little faster and again, the lyrics tell the dancers where to place their feet next. This one isn’t a repeated set of steps, but instead several coordinated hops, jumps twirls and Charlie Browns (I still don’t have this move mastered).

A new group dance song that is garnering fame faster than Gangnam Style is the Wobble by V.I.C. This song makes you do exactly what the title says: wobble. The lyrics don’t instruct where to go next, so you will need to study the music video or have a group leader (that’s where I come in). Overall, the Wobble is probably my favorite group dance and it’s slowly moving geographically north to Montana. Don’t forget the Dougie and Cat Daddy….. Refer to youtube on how to master these steps.

Some other fun group dances that aren’t cheesy are; Cotton Eye Joe, Copperhead Road, The Biker Shuffle, Boot Scootin Boogie, I will Survive (electric slide dance move to this), Jump On It, Hey Hot Rod and Song of the South. Be sure to ask your DJ if he knows these dances and if he could instruct the

party the steps! DJ Ryan, was a hip hop instructor on the East coast for years, and I am trying to find a time where I can go to one of his events and watch him in action!